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EcoSoftec is a company recently created by entrepreneurs based on their personal expertise. The company is backed by Business Angels and BPI France, the French Public Bank.
It is driven by : Jean‐Pierre RAVIX for the General Management and sales, Eric GASTRIN for the technical aspects and Gérard Le Tourneur Dubreuil for the strategy, finance and administration.

EcoSoftec has developed an innovative technology to improve combustion using a unique approach: combustion under catalysis, which is a largely unexplored scientific field.
Our concept is based on the fact that thermal oxidation can be improved further by getting closer to stoichiometric conditions, without changing the design of the process with the consequent unaffordable investment.


Before EcoSoftec became a company, it began as a project motivated by values and convictions.
Through our eco-technology, we wish to promote a project of public interest:

save energy sources; reduce polluting emissions; protect employees by minimising their exposure to unhealthy tasks.

With cost-effectiveness and modesty, we try to provide a new and effective response to operators looking for improved performance in terms of energy usage, as well as environmental and economic performance.



    Our mission:
  • To invent, design and develop the FireCube® technology for industrial boilers, kilns, heating furnaces…
  • Energy efficiency in industrial fields
    Key competences:
  • Environmental engineering
  • Applied thermal treatment
  • Combustion and catalysis chemistry
  • HS&E skills in industrial fields
    Other related skills:
  • Partnerships with laboratories
  • Industrial partnerships (speciality chemicals, special machinery, process automation and control)
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Contact Ecosoftec : +33 (0)4 79 33 20 55
Alpespace, 415 voie Nicolas Copernic, Lot 6 Bât. McKinley II
73800 Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac - France
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